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With decades of experience in the cannabis and culinary industries, the Green Labs team is dedicated to developing innovative ways to consume cannabis while ensuring consistent flavor and accurate dosing in all of our products. We know “tastes good” and “cannabis” should always be in the same sentence. Rise with us as we transcend to the next era of cannabis.


When life hands you a bag of Swifts chocolates, step outside of the box and turn the music up. The rich whipped crème chocolate ganache, wrapped in an artisan shell, melts the day away leaving you deliciously free.


A precise blend of the finest cannabis and other natural extracts, Swifts Mints have a refreshing taste, are sugar free and contain the natural, plant-derived sweetener xylitol. Swifts Mints are the delicious microdose mint that puts you in charge.


Featuring our 2016 Dope Cup Winning

Green Tea & Peppermint CBD Mints

2016 Dope Cup Winner - Best CBD Edible - A precise blend of the finest high CBD cannabis, green tea and peppermint extracts, Swifts CBD Mints have a refreshing peppermint taste with an added boost of Green Tea are sugar free, low calorie, all natural and discreet.


Pure honey infused with cannabis oil in a convenient packet can be used as a natural sweetener; can be drizzled on your favorite treat or simply enjoyed entirely on its own.


A portion of Swifts Honey sales goes directly to the Washington State University Honey Bee and Pollinator Research Facility. Learn more about their important work and how you can help here.


When life hands you a bag of oranges, limes and lemons step outside of the box and turn them into cannabis infused candy. All natural. Deliciously Sour. Swifts Sour Drops never fail to melt the day away leaving you deliciously free.



Our handcrafted treats combine the highest quality ingredients using bespoke recipes to create delicious confections that embody the homemade roots of cannabis edibles.

Dipped Smokables
Dipped Smokables

With Dipped Infused Prerolls, we aim to replicate the taste and experience of our popular Swifts Edibles line. Enjoy a full flavored, smooth smoking experience brought to you by an uncompromised level of quality flower, resinous kief and terpene-rich oil.


Smoke to the crutch, our joints stay smooth and pack a punch!

Dipped Smokables Indica


Dipped Smokables


Dipped Smokables


Dipped CBD



What is 420 : The Origins of the Most Famous Stoner Holiday

Every year on 4 / 20, cannabis enthusiasts everywhere hold up their lighters in celebration. Why is April 20th so important? What is 420? Discover the origins of the famous stoner holiday.         Good luck finding a marijuana lover who doesn’t treat 420 like a sacred holiday.   It may, on...

8 Best Places in Washington to Enjoy Cannabis This Spring

  08 Best Places in Washington to Enjoy Cannabis This Spring       Washington’s natural beauty is truly self-evident, creating the perfect environment for a fun and rejuvenating Spring getaway.   With its breathtaking, Pacific Northwestern scenery that includes deep green forests, crystal lakes, snow-capped mountains, and long stretches of white sand beaches,...

The Perfect Valentine Gift

Did you know? Americans spend roughly $1.8 billion per year on Valentine’s Day candy. Each year, chocolate is at the very top of most Valentine’s Day gift guides. That day can be a pivotal moment in many relationships, so you want to make sure you get your Valentine something truly special. Chocolate may make...


Green Labs was recently featured by NBC News/Peacock Productions in a two-hour documentary special for The History Channel. It was meant to chronicle the current, explosive rise of the Cannabis industry in America – and provide History Channel viewers with all the information they need to know about latest shift in the American cultural landscape; following various “canna-businesses” that are cropping up, giving a brief history of Marijuana in America, and presenting the latest medical and scientific findings as to its effects. The below is a snippet of The Marijuana Revolution documentary, filmed mid-September 2015 at our headquarters facility in Raymond, WA. The show was aired on January 11, 2016.


Danks Wonder Emporium Chronicast #118 The 7th Smoking With The Masters

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