Essence Cannabis Tablets

2018 Dope Cup Winner – Best Pill/Capsule

Terpene-rich, full-spectrum, all-natural cannabis extract tablets. High-quality, full-flower, strain-specific batches processed with organic food grade ethanol alcohol are combined with nothing but pure plant cellulose. Essence means getting accurate dosage and the cleanest, most consistent experience possible. Find a sense of balance – find Essence


✓ Strain Specific Options
✓ Indica, Sativa and CBD options
✓ 10 pieces per package

Ingredients: Pure Plant Cellulose, Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract, Magnesium Stearate

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by Dr Sobota on Blank Business Name
Life Saving

Long story short, these things saved me. As I have gotten older my body decided asthma sounded like fun. So now smoking and Vaping were off the table. And I had just decided to start dabbling in getting high, I was no longer in a position where I had to avoid recreational use. Edibles had always been a bad time, I'm talking green sick. Too high. But asking around for low mg stuff, had my bud-tender handing me these little beauties. With no tolerance, these are superb. One with a bit of water takes away all my aches and gets me just lightly stoned. With 1.5 I'm having a moderately stoned, wonderful time; not giggly but mellow and amused. I cannot thank this company enough for making these things. My only complaint is that I cant buy them in bulk yet!