The Perfect Valentine Gift

Did you know? Americans spend roughly $1.8 billion per year on Valentine’s Day candy.

Each year, chocolate is at the very top of most Valentine’s Day gift guides. That day can be a pivotal moment in many relationships, so you want to make sure you get your Valentine something truly special.

Chocolate may make your Valentine happy, but handcrafted, high-quality chocolate edibles made with organic cannabis extract will make them even happier. It also puts a personalized and creative spin on a traditional Valentine’s Day gift.

But, that’s not all. . .



Why Cannabis-Infused Chocolates?


There are many reasons chocolate edibles are such a great Valentine’s Day gift for that special stoner in your life. These are a few of them. . .



Microdose chocolates allow your Valentine to find the minimum dose that works for them, so they can experience more of the benefits of the plant with the fewest number of side effects.

Overconsumption can lead to paranoia, anxiety, and other issues and is of the utmost concern to cannabis manufacturing companies like us.

Microdosed products, on the other hand, allow your other half to feel confident and sure of how much they are consume, so there is little to no risk of less than desirable side effects.

As an additional bonus, microdoses make it easy for people to use cannabis as part of their normal, daily routine without worrying about it slowing productivity or energy.

Smoke-Free Alternative

Handcrafted, low in sugar, and low in calories, our chocolate edibles offer your Sweetie a smoke-free, convenient way to get stoned. They also don’t have any of the harmful side effects of smoking or vaporizing.


Better, Longer High

Many people who eat edibles say they feel less of the head high that the THC brings out in cannabis flower.

At the same time, they experience more of a body high, primarily in lower doses of 10mg or less. The psychoactive effects also take longer to kick in, as well as last longer. This is because cannabis passes through your digestive system, so it is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.

So, the gift of handcrafted chocolate edibles is the gift of a better high.


Subtle and Discreet

Chocolate edibles are a far more subtle and discreet way of enjoying cannabis, as opposed to smoking or vaporizing. You’ve just got to pop a delicious chocolate in your mouth, and you’re good to go. No more having to worry about the telltale cloud of smoke – or burp.

Here are some popular chocolate edibles your Valentine is sure to love:


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Chocolate Edibles



Dark Truffles 600 mg THC ; Dark Truffles 200 mg CBD


Potent! Layered. Satiny, dark chocolate envelopes a delicate, dual filling of rich whipped crème and chocolate ganache. Rich, dark chocolate that is sure to make your Valentine’s Day a stoned one.


In late December of 2015, Green Labs LLC gave the world the gift of Swifts. And they just keep getting better.

Get your Valentine a bag of individually wrapped Dark Chocolate Truffle masterpieces. After all, isn’t it the holiday for spoiling your sweetie? These truffles definitely show how much you care.


White Truffles 60mg


These white chocolate truffles are anything but a basic Valentine’s Day gift. Swifts handcrafts only Instagram-worthy truffles using gourmet chocolate and organic ingredients for a final product that’s as potent as it is beautiful and delicious.


Spoil your Valentine with decadent white chocolate truffles that will melt in their mouth.



Apple Crisp Truffles 60mg

These Swifts Apple Crisp Truffles are every bit as comfortingly sweet as they sound. Bite into it, and your taste buds come alive.


Imagine it: Crisp, fresh apple slices covered blended with spices and baked into a scrumptious crust, served warm and topped with rich vanilla ice cream, then sprinkled with a dusting of powdered sugar.

You won’t be able to get enough. And neither will your Valentine.



The Perfect Gift, for the Perfect Valentine


These decadent, rich, and potent little spheres of love are the perfect Valentine’s Day chocolate gift.

With a wide array of delicious truffles to choose from, you’ll find all sorts of chocolates such as apple crisp, dark chocolate, and raspberry so you can find the right chocolates to suit your other half’s tastes.

All you’ve got to do is pick out the flavors your beloved will enjoy the most, and then head to one of the local dispensaries that carries our brand.


Trust us. Your Valentine is going to love these handcrafted chocolate edibles.




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About the author: Alexia Bullard